Tampa Bay Fishing Charters
Tampa Bay Fly Fishing

Rates and Trip Details

Half Day $350 1 or 2 people
Full Day $450 1 or 2 people
Homosassa and Beach Tarpon Fishing
Full Day $500 1 or 2 people (no half days)

You Must Bring:

Hat - Polarized Sunglasses - Deck shoes or white soled tennis shoes (no black soled shoes) - Sunscreen (needed year round)

I Supply:

  • Lunch & drinks
  • Fishing licenses
  • All rods, reels and tackle
  • Flies and bait

How we fish:

  • 1 or 2 people per boat. We don’t leave the dock at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning. 7 to 7:30 is just fine. Because we sight fish we need a little sunlight. We fish in 1’ to 3’ of water when we fish the flats. We also live bait fish if you wish.
  • Remember – there is no telling what kind of fish you will see year around on the flats. You must be ready!!
  • Fly Casting - The better you can cast, the better your chances will be to catch fish. Distance is a must, but sometimes reaction time and accuracy can be more important. You should be able to cast about 50' or more without 3 back casts.

A deposit of $100 is required for each day reserved. No credit cards accepted.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds are given for bad weather only. The Captain makes all decisions on weather. Bad weather is considered to be raining all day or Small Craft Advisory (winds of 20 mph or more).

Fishing Calendar

January Fishing Tailing redfish and speckled trout on the flats in 1 to 3 feet of water. Jack crevalle and ladyfish are at power plant hot water run off. Low fishing pressure now through February.
February Fishing Speckled trout and redfish start to group up for spawn when water temperature hits 68 degrees reds school on high tide.
March Fishing Spring starts to come in with warmer days and water. Redfish really start to school up, with schools of 300 to 500 fish. It is not uncommon to see schools of 1,000 fish. Large speckled trout to 10 lbs. can be caught at this time. Reds will go 10 lbs. to 25 lbs. The flats really come alive.
April Fishing Spring is here. Everything starts to feed. Mackerel, king mackerel, cobia, jacks, snook, redfish, and speckled trout. Late April the tarpon migration starts.
May Fishing Tarpon, Tarpon, Tarpon. This is the time the giant Tarpon show up at Homosassa flats. The average weight of these fish are 125 lbs. Redfish, speckled trout, snook fishing is still prime. Permit and pompano on the flats.
June Fishing Same as May. Beach fishing for tarpon really heats up.
July Fishing Some tarpon still on flats, others leaving to go into the bays and rivers. Speckled trout slowing down. Redfish building up for September – October spawn. Permit and pompano on the flats.
August Fishing Water really gets hot; flats temperatures may exceed 90 degrees. Still lots of redfish and snook around. Tarpon on plug in the bays. Permit and pompano on the flats.
September Fishing Water starts to cool down a little. Redfish and snook fishing still excellent. Tarpon in the bays. Permit schools start showing up on edges of the flats at low tides.
October Fishing Redfish still in large schools but starting to go offshore. Snook still on flats but preparing to get ready for winter migration. Jack schools start showing. Speckled trout fishing picks up.
November Fishing Winter minus tides start (lower than normal water), so do tailing redfish in smaller schools. Lots of speckled trout.
December Fishing Same as November and January. Very low fishing pressure.
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